Featured Items & Trends

French Gourmet

New danish from French Gourmet made with all natural ingredients and real European style butter.  Pre-proofed & ready-to-bake from freezer to oven.  

Spice Trends - Tumeric

Learn about this brilliantly colored root in their latest Spice Story.

Features Items

Count on Hormel for consistent flavor and performance.  Check out this selection of their most popular items:  

Hormel Ham.JPG
SweetSt Desserts Pic 2.png
Sweet Street

Indulge with new on-trend, decadent gluten-free chocolate cake.

Aqua Star

New Sustainable sourced shrimp, free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Aqua Star_Crispy Btrd Shrimp PIC.png
Ventura Foods
Sauce Craft Sauce

New Sweet Chili Sauce made with real ingredients and gluten-free.

Ajinomoto2_Appetizers Pic.png
Fred's Appetizers

Expand your appetizer offerings with these new craveable items:

King & Prince

Round out your menu with these two new versatile items. 

Dole Puree Mango Pizza.JPG
Chef Ready Fruit Puree

Ready to thaw and create creativity
in your kitchen and bar. 

Select Recipe Fries

Serve the chef's fry.  


With natural appeal and back-of-house flair Select Recipe fries are perfectly flavored with real sea salt.  Offer as a side or a starter.

Tazo Tea

The deliciously unique flavors of Tazo teas are created from adventurous blends of tea leaves, botanicals, and spices. 

Red Label
Golden Crispy Chicken

Chicken made with no antibiotics ever.  Coated with fine flour and bread crumbs, each golden crispy bite has a rich savory flavor.  

Tyson Crispy Chicken Breast Pic.png
Brussels Sprouts & Baby Bakers Potatoes

Fresh Brussels Sprouts are picked and processed within four hours for fresh-from-the-farm flavor and texture. They have consistent quality year-round; with bright colors and consistent piece-size.

Baby Bakers Potatoes are roasted with olive oil and seasoned with herbs and Parmesan which gives them a made-from-scratch fresh-roasted flavor and appearance.

Dole_Mango Yam Som-O.jpg
Around The World Fruit Pairings

Dole is taking you on a fruit-filled adventure through Asia, from Chinese street carts to Thailand's massive Isan Region to the hearty island flavors of the Ilocos Region in the Philippines.  Explore fruit pairings on their website.

Lamb Weston
Crispy on Delivery Fries

Goodbye soggy fries!


Introducing Lamb Weston's Crispy on Delivery Fries.  This light battered fry maintains optimal crispiness for up 20 minutes, giving you time to deliver the delicious crispy fry that patrons want.

Nestle & Technomic
Clean Label Trend

The trend is clear. Patrons prefer minimally processed foods with fewer additives. Learn more in this study from Nestle and Technomic: