Featured Items & Trends

Pork Ribbits

Heat-and-serve simplicity!

Fully cooked BBQ bone-in rib tips made from tender pork brisket, and authentically smoked with natural hardwoods to satisfy any BBQ lover. 

Filipino Adobo Ribs Recipe Pic.jpg
Street Corn

Perfect Elote Street Corn in Minutes!

The popularity of Mexican street corn keeps growing.  But for restaurants, roasting corn consistently isn’t easy or quick.  Simplot solves this dilema with: 

Simplot_Street_Corn Pic.png
Nestle_Pic_354211 White Cheddar Mac N Cheese Pic.png

What Makes Stouffer's Unique?  Superior visual appeal, scratch-made taste and  extended hold times with simplified prep.  Add these favorites to your menu today.

Tortillas & Wraps

Evolve your Mexican offerings with the incorporation of new flavors and a “no rules” approach.  Converge authentic influences with modern ingenuity utilizing these exceptional tortillas and wraps.

2MIssion_Tomato and Black Bean Tetalas.jpg
Handgards_Zipgards Reclosable Bag.jpg
ZipGards® Reclosable Bags

Reclosable Bags with:  a secure closure to extend product freshness, convenient “Write-on Blocks” to record date and contents, as well as a bilingual color coded labeling stripe for quick bag size identification.

General Mills
Gold Medal Pancakes

Versatile, homemade-quality pancakes that simplify back-of-house operations and can be used in a variety of tasty ways across the menu.

GeneralMills_GMdl_GVly_Complete_Buttermilk Pancakes.jpg
Cargill_TNT_Burger with Egg.PNG
TNT Burgers

Burgers designed to maximize menu flexibility and craveability while minimizing back of house operations. 

Classic Soups

It's simple to serve the flavors your patrons know and love.  These classic soups make it easy to bring timeless favorites to the table, bowl after bowl.

Campbells Basil 2Tomato Soup.png
Lemon Goat Cheese Pancake Breakfast with Sausage Links.PNG
Featured Items

Looking for ways to simplify prep and execution?  You’ll find all kinds of delicious opportunities from Hormel. 

Here's a sampling of a few of their most popular items. 

Gambe Fixins

Tap into the buzz around the major basketball college tournament with slam-dunk menu specials to win with guests. 

McCormick Slam Dunk Menu Madness.PNG
Simplot Spring_Summer Trends Image.PNG
Spring/Summer Trend Guide

Take your menu to the next level with Simplot's up-to-date trends guide.


Versatile and convenient 1/8” chopped garlic, infused with soybean oil in a ready to use     resealable tub. 

Tulkoff Garlic in Oil 32 oz.png
Tulkoff Horseradish 32 oz.png

Made from only the finest horseradish roots, ground to perfection, mixed with vinegar and soybean oil that produces full flavor with minimal water content.

Unilever Knorr Tomato Basic Soup.png
Soup du Jour

A classic and flavorful soup that cooks in just 10 minutes