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Our Sustainability Program

VIP is committed to ensuring a sustainable island home.  Our associates continue to discover ways to enhance our progress, and we welcome ideas that can help us build a stronger future.  

Buying Local


Local foods are important to the growth of our island home economy.  Our goal is to help customers & local farmers make a connection.  Over half of our produce is sourced from Hawai'i.  In addition to produce, we buy from over 40 food and non-food manufacturers based in Hawaii.

Community Support

We allocate a percentage of profits that are donated to Maui charities. 


Our associates dedicate their heart and time to make a difference for our Maui home by volunteering support for community events.

The wellness of our associates is an important company value.  We support our employees in several ways:

  • Safety & professional training

  • Company gym 

  • Appreciation celebrations

  • Profit sharing program

Team Wellness




Ways we minimize energy consumption: 


  • Energy-efficient LED lighting, refrigeration and freezer systems.  We have rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems.


  • Double and triple-deep product retrieval systems for more efficient use of space. Vertical warehouse design reduces cooling costs.

  • Green trucks, trailers, refer units and maintenance supplies.

  • Warehouse management system ensures high efficiency in unloading, storage and loading of orders.

  • Our truck routing system optimizes the quickest route to delivery locations, which reduces fossil fuel consumption.  Roadnet®, created by UPS Logistics improves customer service, decreases costs and reduces environmental impact.


We know that you care about the source of your products. Discover ingredients that reflect your sustainability values.    


  • Foods– Center-of-the-plate products that are organic, natural or never ever programs.


  • Non Foods– biodegradable, compostable, renewable and recycled products.


  • VIP Natural Market– select from thousands of natural, organic, gluten-free, kosher, ethnic, vegetarian, vegan and GMO-free products available in retail & foodservice sizes.


  • We reduce waste by recycling:  pallets, cardboard & paper, bottles & plastic, metal & aluminum.

  • Old office equipment and supplies are recycled.

Our Suppliers

Making smart decisions for the planet is something we expect from our vendors as well.  For information about any of our suppliers, contact your VIP consultant.

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