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Featured Items & Trends


In honor of National Cereal Day on March 7, 2023, we are highlighting the line of cereals we carry from our partner Kellogg's®. At Kellogg's®, every day is cereal day.

Share your love of cereal with your patrons by offering these products as great breakfast items, or as a snack anytime of the day. 

grid 4.png
French_Gourmet Lilikoi Danish Pic-03.png
French Gourmet
Lilikoi Danish

Sweet and tangy, the tropical passion fruit filling balances beautifully with this flaky Danish pastry.  Pre-proofed and ready to bake.

Golden Tiger

Flavor Without the Labor ...

Satisfy your patrons’ cravings for authentic flavor with Ajinomoto’s ready-to-eat potstickers and wontons.  No matter the daypart, menu type, or operation these items will save you time, labor, and money without sacrificing quality or creativity.


Want to learn more about Ajinomoto's products?  In Ajinomoto's Global Flavor Guide, you’ll find insights for boosting craveworthy flavor with prepared foods from Ajinomoto’s extensive lineup of globally inspired brands.

Harvest Fresh Avocados

Inspire more passion in your customers with Simplot Harvest Fresh™ Avocados. Perfectly ripe and always ready, their hand-picked avocados will take dishes across your menu to delicious new
heights. These versatile avocado halves are perfect for slicing, dicing or mashing for your own
signature guacamole. Elevate your menu and check average.

Honest Earth® Potatoes

As consumer demand for plant-based and clean label products continues to rise, Idahoan has been working diligently to develop a portfolio of better-for-you products including these two new items:

Idahoan_Prepared_HE_Rustic Mashed Potatoes Pic.png
IdahoanHE_Prepared_Hash Brown Shredded Potatoes Pic.png
Dole 2023 Passport to Flavor.PNG
Passport to Flavor 2023

Dole Passport to Flavor is back and as part of their Sweetened by Sunshine platform they're focusing on recipes that utilize the natural sweetness of DOLE Fruit to complement and enhance some of their favorite global-inspired dishes.

Join them at their first stop - Asia, where they'll explore delicious cuisine of Hong Kong & Singapore.

Sara Lee
Frozen Bakery Items

Baked in Comfort


Sara Lee is committed to supporting your operation by providing  comforting, satisfying baked goods and desserts that make every moment more memorable.  From indulgent Bistro Collection® desserts to time-tested Chef Pierre® bakery favorites you can rely on.

Sara_Lee_Bistro_Peanut Butter Thunder Cake 08560 PIC.jpg

Here's just a sampling of their excellent items:

Kens PIC Lite Italian Dressing Salad.PNG
Ken's Foods
Kings of Flavor

Ken’s is all about flavor.  Creating it, perfecting it, and delivering it in the widest variety of dressings, sauces, and marinades.  Keep your customers coming back for more with these on-trend in-demand items:  

Lipton® & Tazo® Tea

From classic Lipton hot and iced teas to unexpected Tazo hot tea herbal blends, Unilever delivers the flavors your patrons crave.

Compliment your menu with these distinctive stocked items.

PIC_Unilever Tea.jpg
Aspire_Artisan-Bread-Rolls PIC.jpg
Aspire Bakeries
La Brea Bakery Breads

Ready. Set. Slow.


Aspire Bakeries’ artisan breads are crafted using time-honored tradition, organic starter and a slow, patient process.  This ensures a crispy crust and soft, chewy interior for which they are known.

Taste the tradition in these these preferred breads:

Gold-N-Sweet Margarine & Butter

Ventura Foods’ ready-to-go butter blends and margarines offer a breadth of menu applications, making them essentials for every foodservice kitchen. 

Here are a couple of their top items:

Ventura_2Butter_Margarine PIC.png
Beef, Chicken & Game Day Favorites

Cost efficiency?  Convenience?  No matter what you need, Tyson Foodservice has you covered.   From fully customizable to ready to heat and serve, their ingredient chicken and steak products deliver labor and time savings, better yield, and less waste. 

Beef Favorites 

PIC Sirloin Philly Beef Steak.png

Chicken Favorites 

PIC Cristpy Tenderloins with Slaw .png

Game Day  Favorites 

PIC_Frank_Ball_Park Single.png
C_Krusteaz_Pancake Choc Sauce PIC.PNG
Krusteaz® Breakfast Breads

Looking to serve up homestyle flavors without the hassle?  Krusteaz® brings operational ease to classic recipes, giving you an array of heat-and serve products that taste like freshly griddled French toast, pancakes, and waffles — fresh from the oven in minutes.

Streamline your operation with these convenient breakfast options.

Angela Mia® Italian Sauces

Whether diced, crushed, chopped or other, Angela Mia® tomatoes are always packed fresh in season.  Bursting with vine-ripened flavor, their products deliver consistent taste, cut size and content to maximize efficiency back-of-house without compromising quality.

Maximize efficiency with these quality sauces.

C_AM_Grilled Pizza PIC.PNG
LW202-Concertina Fries with Veggie Burger Pic.png
Lamb Weston
NEW Items - Explore Potato Possibilities

Potatoes are Lamb Weston's sole focus.  This focus allows them to provide  dependable, consistently high-quality frozen potatoes.

Maximize the performance of your menu and your operation with these excellent NEW products:

High Liner

When selecting premium seafood, High Liner’s goal is ambitious, yet their focus is precise - provide the very best by doing things the right way.  They will never sacrifice quality, safety, or effort in being your single source for a world of succulent seafood options.  In addition, their seafood always comes from third-party-certified sources whose impact will be significant on your menu but minimal on the environment.

HighLiner_Brewers Choice Cod 2 oz Pic.png

Taste the quality in these featured items:

Danone Milks Pic.png
Danone North America
Plant-Based Milks & Organic Milks

Danone North America offers brands that you know and love, including Silk® plant-based milks, and Horizon Organic® Organic Milks.

Cream Cheese with fruit on bagel Pic.PNG
Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Philadelphia cream cheese is creamy and delicious, and is available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Chef Francisco Soups

Chef Francisco Soups offer a wide array of flavors, sizes, and formats, frozen to deliver the perfect bowl of soup every time. 

Chef Francisco Soup Pic.jpg
Wesson Frying Oil in Wok Pic.PNG
Richardson Food & Ingredients
Wesson Oils

Richardson Food & Ingredients' extensive food service product line offers something for every food service establishment, including mid-to-high stability frying oils, pan and grill oils, and baking shortenings.

Browse the Current Stock List.


See more details in their Product Guide.

Ham - A Better Process

Perfection can’t be rushed.  Smithfield Hams are slow-smoked for a minimum of 5 hours using real hickory chips to ensure a rich mahogany color and deep aroma.  That smoking process, coupled with their signature cure and pure honey flavor, creates an unforgettable ham.

Create something delectable with the popular:

Smithfield_3Ham Pic.png
NOH_HI LocoMoco Brown Gravy Pic.png
NOH Foods of Hawaii
Loco Moco Brown Gravy Mix

For nearly 60 years, family-owned NOH Foods of Hawaii has made it their mission to create delicious and authentic, simple-to-prepare Asian & Pacific-rim cuisine.  Their products are made from only the finest ingredients from around the world and contain NO added MSG.

NOH’s latest addition to their Hawaiian inspired mixes is:

Discover more delectable mixes in the Current Stock List


Versatile and convenient 1/8” chopped garlic, infused with soybean oil in a ready to use     resealable tub. 

Tulkoff Garlic in Oil 32 oz.png
Tulkoff Horseradish 32 oz.png

Made from only the finest horseradish roots, ground to perfection, mixed with vinegar and soybean oil that produces full flavor with minimal water content.

Kraft Heinz
Ketchup Promo

Place your order through your VIP Foodservice Sales Rep, or one of our Customer Service Reps, and receive the off-invoice discounts on these participating items now extended through March 31, 2023.

KraftHeinz Promo.PNG
KH Oct 2022 to Mar 2023 Promo items.PNG
Hormel Foodservice
A Few of Our Favorites

Hormel has everything you need to deliver crowd-pleasing solutions for your customers.

collage banner pizza bacon square.png
2022 Fall_Winter_Simplot Trends PIC.PNG
Fall/Winter Trend Guide

See what’s hot in commercial foodservice and what you need to stay on trend in Simplot's Fall/Winter Trends Guide.

Bagcraft Papercon

The Novolex family of brands provides customers with innovative food and delivery packaging and performance solutions for their business needs today while investing in research and development to engineer more sustainable choices for the future. 

EcoCraft Grease Resistant Paper Wrap_Liner Pic.jpg

Try a few of their durable, eco-friendly, products:

Dessert Tart Pic.jpg
Les Boulangers Associes, Inc.
Pastry Dough

Les Boulangers sources only the highest quality ingredients available, sparing no expense in order to ensure that the product you purchase performs at the highest levels and brings your business an equally strong reputation and high level of customer satisfaction!


Here are two of their many fine products:

Danone North America
STOK Cold Brew Coffee

Danone North America makes food that nurtures, sustains, and delights people at any age and during any moment of the day.  They stand by their products and services with pride and openness as a guarantee of quality and integrity. 


STOK Cold Brew Coffee is one of their many beloved, trusted, and pioneering brands.

3 Bottles of STOK Cold Brew Coffee Pic.png

Here are a couple of their popular flavors:

Tacos Just Add Authentic Flavor Pic.jpg
NEW Items!

From authentic Hispanic flavor with Knorr® Professional Caldo de Pollo base, to traditional Knorr® Alfredo Pasta Sauce, to vegan and vegetarian friendly Best Foods® Vegan Mayonniase, Unilever has you covered.         

Make these your new favorites today:


Lindsay is obsessed with Gold (Standards).


They've spent over 100 years perfecting olives and as a result have learned where quality comes from.  It comes from working hard alongside people they consider family, innovating the most efficient harvesting process in the industry, and a passion for producing the best tasting products in the world.

Create something golden from their Current Stock List

Wing Dings 65715 Pic.jpg
Pierce Pilgrim's
Chicken Wings

Easy to prepare, easy to enjoy!

A patron favorite since their debut in 1964, Pierce Chicken® Wing Dings® have become the all-time best-selling wings in foodservice.  Since then, they expanded their offerings to include zesty Wing-Zings®, which deliver a spicy, hot, peppery zing for patrons seeking out bold flavor.

Add these convenient favorites to your menu:

Ground Beef

Sierra Meat & Seafood Company is a 4th generation family business that carries a large scope of products.  From their family-owned sausage factory where they make simple, traditional sausages to their family-owned Durham Bison Ranch in Gillette, Wyoming, they can meet your needs!   


Experience one of their high quality ground beef products today:

Sierra CAB Ground Beef Patty Cooked 305899 Pic.jpg
BMt BeyondChicken Pic.png
Beyond Meat
Plant-Based Chicken

Beyond Chicken® Tenders are a great source of protein (14 g per serving) and have 40% less saturated fat than the leading foodservice chicken tender.  Also, they're free of:  cholesterol, antibiotics, and hormones

Stratas Foods
Oils & Shortening

Stratas Foods has built its leadership position in the industry through a combination of product consistency, quality and service, and innovation in research and development to meet the demands of consumers for “better performing” and “better for you” products.


Experiment with this selection of their innovative products today.

2Stratas Frying Oil Pic.png
McCormick_overview Pic.PNG
Flavor Forecast

The Flavor Forecast 22nd Edition showcases the nuance, complexity, and passion that goes into a perfect bite through 3 trends:


  • Time as a Luxury Ingredient - the investment, savoring and saving of time though cooking


  • Plus Sweet - a shift in sweetness from the spotlight to supporting role


  • Food Stories - celebrating the power of women in food and flavor

Lamb Weston
New Potato Perks 2.0 App

Introducing Lamb Weston's New Potato Perks 2.0 app.  Earn points and redeem for hardware for your business.  Access marketing resources, industry insights, recipes, and an introductory rebate.

Click here for QR codes to download the  app. 

LW app pic.jpg
Sugar Foods

Whatever your beverage offering, Sugar Foods has the product you need to ensure patron satisfaction and versatility for your operation.  


Check out the current stock list featuring sleek ecoStick sweeteners & organic and natural Island Crystals cane sugar packets.

Orgn on Coffee Cold drink Whites Packet pic.jpg
Street Corn

Perfect Elote Street Corn in Minutes!

The popularity of Mexican street corn keeps growing.  But for restaurants, roasting corn consistently isn’t easy or quick.  Simplot solves this dilema with: 

Simplot_Street_Corn Pic.png
Nestle_Pic_354211 White Cheddar Mac N Cheese Pic.png

What Makes Stouffer's Unique?  Superior visual appeal, scratch-made taste and  extended hold times with simplified prep.  Add these favorites to your menu today.

Tortillas & Wraps

Evolve your Mexican offerings with the incorporation of new flavors and a “no rules” approach.  Converge authentic influences with modern ingenuity utilizing these exceptional tortillas and wraps.

2MIssion_Tomato and Black Bean Tetalas.jpg
Handgards_Zipgards Reclosable Bag.jpg
ZipGards® Reclosable Bags

Reclosable Bags with:  a secure closure to extend product freshness, convenient “Write-on Blocks” to record date and contents, as well as a bilingual color coded labeling stripe for quick bag size identification.

General Mills
Gold Medal Pancakes

Versatile, homemade-quality pancakes that simplify back-of-house operations and can be used in a variety of tasty ways across the menu.

GeneralMills_GMdl_GVly_Complete_Buttermilk Pancakes.jpg
Cargill_TNT_Burger with Egg.PNG
TNT Burgers

Burgers designed to maximize menu flexibility and craveability while minimizing back of house operations. 

Classic Soups

It's simple to serve the flavors your patrons know and love.  These classic soups make it easy to bring timeless favorites to the table, bowl after bowl.

Campbells Basil 2Tomato Soup.png
Unilever Knorr Tomato Basic Soup.png
Soup du Jour

A classic and flavorful soup that cooks in just 10 minutes

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